Every smoker knows what a traditional hand pipe looks like. Some have intricate designs, and some kinda, sorta look like an animal or object.

Then, there’s the Sculpted Dragonhead Spoon by Pandemic Glass.

A true piece of art, this hand pipe takes your smoke session from every day to ethereal.

The very first thing you notice about the Pandemic Glass Dragonhead Spoon is how near lifelike it is.

The eyes feel as if they’re watching you, the glasswork is so intricate and detailed.

Each eye acts as a leg, allowing the pipe to rest to one side or the other without falling over, and losing the bowl contents.


The bowl itself is a little shallow, but still a decent size for a session of personal use.

No one wants to share their dragon anyway, so it becomes a moot point.

Besides, are YOU gonna forgive Tommy when he gets lifted, and drops your dragon?

Didn’t think so.

The Pandemic Glass Dragonhead is a perfect piece to enjoy a night in, watching a movie and medicating, or just enjoying how utterly amazing it is to own your very own dragon.


The detailing throughout this piece is nothing short of mind-blowing, from the tips of the horns, down the “scaled” back, all the way to the mouthpiece, these pipes are finely detailed and made to order, to your specifications.

The piece fits nicely in your hand, and the horns help with balance, allowing for a less scary use, because, again, no one wants a broken dragon.

Store your Pandemic Glass Dragonhead upside-down to get the full effect of the artistry that is the dragon, or keep it right-side up to remind yourself that this masterpiece actually has a purpose, besides standing around, looking pretty.

Check out this video to see exactly how the useful little beast comes to “life”, and gain an new appreciation for the work that goes into the Pandemic Glass Dragonhead:

Now that you’re completely in love (admit it, you are), you can head over to Pandemic Glass’s Etsy shop and start production on your very own Dragonhead Spoon for right around $100.

Also, be sure to follow Pandemic Glass on Instagram @pandemic_glass to keep up with the next amazing things coming out of this incredibly talented studio.