This is for all of you lovely stoners, especially my Macgyver potheads!

I introduce to you the AC Greebs Smoking Steel!

This revolutionary product can turn any 2-liter bottle or less into a gravity bong or as the team over at AC Greebs call it, the waterfall method.

The makeup of the Smoking Steel allows for an air-tight fit without any treading or melting and is made from the same top-quality metal that surgical tools are made from 304 stainless steel.

The material is practically indestructible and super easy to clean.

ac greebs gravity bong attachment

When Was AC Greebs Created?

The very first prototype of the Smoking Steel was created in 2001, more than a decade later those very first prototypes are still being used daily, and my friends are pretty incredible.

Years ago machinist Andrew Crowder created the perfect gravity-smoking piece.

The portable, durable, efficient bowl is easily cleaned, drops neatly in your pocket, and can be used in nearly any smoking context.

It fits snugly in the bottle to make it airtight but it is easily removed and being that it’s “stainless steel” cleaning is a breeze.

Just toss it in a small container with some alcohol and salt, shake it up and you’re good to go!

ac greebs gravity bong attachment close-up photo

The team over at AC Greebs really takes pride in Smoking Steel as well as making sure that their customers are well informed on their purchases.

On the AC Greebs website, they have a very detailed yet simple FAQ page that will answer all your in-depth questions such as;

  • Is smoking out of a bottle unhealthy?
  • Why steel?
  • Can I find AC Greebs in retail stores?

I got a chance to speak to Scott about Smoking Steel, but also about him and his team and how in the world they came up with this awesome product.

“We were a group of grad school friends looking for a project and decided that we’d give this a go. A couple of the guys in the group began designing what’s now the Smoking Steel in high school and have been refining the piece for years.” – Scott

Now, this product is totally awesome and they have mastered the art of the Smoking Steel, so the only question is, what’s next?

But of course, it’s never that easy.

“We’re working on new products but they’re a secret until we get them up and running! ;)” – Scott

Until then we will enjoy the convenience and sheer awesomeness that is the Smoking Steel from AC Greebs.

To get your Smoking Steel today visit them on their website (

You can also find them on Instagram.