Gravitron from Grav Labs

Grav Labs is a company out of Austin, Texas, there are 30 glassblowers employed at Grav Labs.

Grav Labs has been around since 2004, they manufacture high-quality scientific glassware, that is affordable to everyone.

The Gravitron XL Water Pipe, stands at 15 inches tall, with a 14mm joint.

This is an all-glass gravity water pipe, made of heavy glass, it is great for those who are clumsy.

Gravitron from Grav Labs

I must say I underestimated this Gravitron XL at first…

The bowl head is a lot bigger than I had first thought.

The Gravitron can handle 2-3 smokers at once.

I like how sturdy everything is, it sits on my table with no worries, the cat simply walks around it.

There is a rubber ring around the bottom of the bottle, it makes sure no glass on glass clanking.

There is never any lost herb or smoke, the suction on the Gravitron is 100%.

This has now become my daily glass piece to use, and it is very easy to clean.

The fact that I can clean with soap and warm water, I love it.

The Gravitron XL can be purchased from the Grav website for $67.99


1. Made in the USA
2. Affordable replacement parts
3. No lost smoke
4. Made of heavy glass