Blunt and blunt wrap alternatives are popping up on the market left and right.

Much of this is due to the healthy lifestyle trends across the world.

Traditional blunts and wraps from companies like Dutch Master, Game and Backwood contain harmful tobacco which can cause health issues like cancer and many times, death. While consumers understand the risks, it does not stop them from indulging in these tobacco blunts.

Much of this has to do with the rich taste and slow-burning of the blunt which many smokers love.

Recently, we reviewed an alternative called Natives Banana Rolling Leaf which we gave high praise for its slow-burning and great taste. Now we look at King Palm All Natural Hand-Rolled Leaf, which looks to fulfill the taste and slow-burning needs but with an additional twist.

king palm wraps

King Palm Wraps Come Pre-Rolled

One thing that definitely sets King Palm apart from the rest of the health-conscious wraps is that it comes “pre-rolled” so all you have to do is stuff it and go.

This is a big deal for so many out there who are unable to roll a perfect blunt.

To achieve a slow-burning blunt, you want to make sure you stuff the blunt fully. This can at times be difficult when hand-rolling a blunt. King Palm even gives you tools, like their poker which can help you firmly pack your bud into the blunt.

On top of convenience, King Palm Leafs provides a corn husk filtered tip for a truly filtered smoke.

king palm blunt

King Palm Blunt Sizes

The King Palm All Natural Hand-Rolled Leafs come in 4 sizes: Mini, Slim, King, and King XL.

A great feature of their packaging is it clearly states how many grams of bud will fit into each size. This can be key for helping choose which will suit your needs, I find this to be very helpful.

The Mini will fit about 0.6 grams, Slim about 1 gram, King 1.5 grams, and King XL 2.5 grams.

This feature is not just a convenience for customers at shops but also dispensaries in legal states who want to sell accurately weighed blunts. Total game changer!

King Palm Leaf is a Healthy Alternative

So how healthy are these Leafs?

King Palm is a 100% natural leaf which is individually hand-rolled. King Palms are tobacco-free, chemical-free, and contain no glue. The Leafs are handpicked, cleaned with purified water, and then finally rolled.

From the research we have done, this is definitely one of the best blunts or wraps alternatives you can find.

What Blunt Smokers Say About King Palm Wraps

The true test was when we introduced these hand-rolled Leafs to some smokers who love Natural Grabba Leaf and Backwoods.

They were initially intrigued by the pre-rolled feature and ended up enjoying the slow-burning. The taste didn’t necessarily have the richness to it like a traditional tobacco blunt but everyone did enjoy the subtle leaf hints King Palm has.

Everyone always loves the corn husk filter, having a filter can really make any joint or blunt more enjoyable.

Buy King Palm Wraps

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Check out our video below!

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