Storing cannabis properly can come down to 3 main factors; humidity, material, and light exposure.

While for the average cannabis smoker, a plastic bag or one of our 5 Best Cannabis Storage Containers will do.

Weed connoisseurs, on the other hand, will want the absolute best, functional design, and that leads us to Cannabis maintain freshness.

These luxury boxes provide the proper temperature and humidity control for hemp flower storage, are made of the finest wood, and of course, block any UV light from ever reaching your precious buds.

Ready to step your game up to a Cannabis Humidor? Let’s break the bank and check out these 3 Cannabis Humidors for Cannabis Connoisseurs!

3 Cannabis Humidor for Cannabis Connoisseurs

Cannaseur – Premium storage brand

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Cannaseur is a company made up of a group of woodworkers with a passion for quality, a storage brand that focuses on maintaining your collection’s sacrificing quality and high-end design.

Their cannabis humidor is made up of walnut and mahogany from 100% sustainably sourced wood.

Each box is handcrafted and precision-engineered in Europe giving it an airtight vacuum seal allowing for perfect bong cabinet storage conditions.

Cannaseur cannabis humidors come in 1-jar models and 2-jar models.

The 2-jar models hold up to 2 ounces of bud while the 1-jar model provides an extra bong storage cabinet compartment for your papers, lighters, and other accessories.

Of course, you can also choose to add a lock to your cannabis humidor so that no one’s sticky fingers can gain access. Instead, they can all stare in awe of your beautifully crafted cannabis humidor and get slapped in the face by some loud as you open it.

To keep your bud fresh, Cannaseur uses patented Micropore Core humidity pack regulation technology.

The German-made precision hygrometer for measuring humidity levels is easily seen each time you open the cannabis humidor.

Based on these details you can tell this is a heavy-duty storage container for your cannabis made of nothing but the finest materials and technology.

For those Cannabis Connoisseurs out there looking to make a serious impression while having their buds stored at optimal conditions, you can grab one of Cannaseur’s various models.

Explore Cannaseur’s options here and they are almost yours and added to your cart, checkout now.

Cannador humidor

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The Cannador team set out to make a cannabis humidor that is both focuses on functional design and aesthetically pleasing.

This uniquely designed cannabis humidor is great for long and short-term storage at perfect humidity ratios.

Cannador Humidor has chosen to exclusively make the interior of their cannabis humidor using mahogany versus cedar as they believe it better controls the humidity, and marijuana organizer box and does not produce residue or odors.

You can also choose an additional exterior wood type of walnut and cherry giving it a nice touch for displaying proudly.

This is definitely a bookcase or top-of-dresser material, looking more like a high-end jewelry box than a cannabis humidor.

This is great for when grandma visits and you don’t want to be obvious about your stash but still display it in plain view.

Unless of course, grandma enjoys her meds fresh as well, then you’re all good.

Something unique about Cannador is they have jars with adjustable ventilated airtight lids that can be opened and closed to allow for humid air to enter and keep contents at the proper relative humidity.

This is especially nice for those who are super OCD about how they store their precious buds.

The Cannador also comes with a locking system in order to keep the contents private.

Cannador has a variety of cannabis humidor models ranging from holding 2-6 1oz jars and even can include an accessory nook or drawer.

This highly recommended cannabis humidor will run you between $159 USD to $308 USD which in this category is pretty well priced.

Of course, you can buy replacement accessories from them as well and they even have started a line of travel products for those stoners always on the go.

Apothecarry Case

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The Apothecarry Case might be the most dynamic cannabis humidor of the bunch.

It comes with several accessories like a rolling tray, accessory storage box, 3-chamber weed grinder, pre-roll storage tube, dabber, non-stick containers, and 4 glass jars.

This is by far a more value-based cannabis humidor than the other 2 mentioned.

While Cannador and Cannaseur boast high-end wood choices, precision manufacturing, and humidity control technology you’d expect from a high-priced item.

The Apothecarry Case makes little mention of materials and has a larger focus on the fact they are a full herb organization system on top of being a cannabis humidor.

For those who aren’t interested in bragging to your stoner buddies about the sustainability of your cannabis humidor and rather have their money spent on multi-functional use, the Apothecarry Case might be the winner.

The Apothecarry Case also sports a lock system, however, it does not contain any humidity-regulating technology built into the box.

They sell the Apothecarry Case with a Boveda humidity system which is essentially a pack you place in your case to regulate humidity.

The packs can work pretty well though so do not underestimate them.

The Apothecarry Case comes in at $259 USD and currently has one model to speak of.

All accessories can also be purchased separately directly from their website.