At first glance, the Bong Buddy doesn’t look like much however when it comes to solving the most common problem amongst stoners, it takes the cake!

We all have that friend who just can’t keep our lighter out of their pockets or we simply just can’t keep tabs on our lighters even when sticky fingers aren’t around.

The Bong Buddy solves this problem with a retractable lighter case that can attach directly to your bong!

Since receiving our samples, life has been much easier now that a lighter is constantly stuck to our bongs.

While there are other options on the market, none of them are a permanent fix and typically don’t have the retractable cable like the Bong Buddy.

For $7.99, you really can’t go without it, even if you want multiple options for solutions.

The Bong Buddy comes in two colors (black and red) and is possibly coming out with more colors shortly.

Check out our Bong Buddy Review on HotBoxTV below and let us know if you will be buying your own Bong Buddy!

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Bong Buddy Review on HotBoxTV