Known as the bong you can take along, Chameleon Glass brings you spill proof water pipes, known as Monsoons.
The unique and weird system of spill proof is done with placement of wholes, within the glass that allows smoke to bubble through water, but almost impossible for the water to get out. It’s kind of like the U-bended pipe under your sink.

So how do you get the water out you ask? Chameleon Glass has a guide on how to clean your Monsoon.
You can read the full guide here.
The quick over look of how to clean your Monsoon is basically by running water through it, allowing it to clean out itself, of course there will be some turning of the pipe involved, but nothing more complicated than a normal pipe.

There is a Monsoon out there for everyone! Pick yours up today and use code SBK to save 10% on your order!

The Monsoon comes in; Clear, Green, Blue, Pink, and Black.

The clear is $71.99 and the colored ones are $81.49.
They can be purchased here

The Monsoon Heady’s comes in three designs; Rasta, Fire, and Ocean
They can be purchased here for $139.29


The Monsoon also comes in a Cyclops design!

The Cyclops Monsoon can be purchased here for $132.29


Using Concentrates? The Monsoon Pull Bowl can be used for flowers or concentrates, with the switch of an attachment or two.

This Monsoon uses a 19mm pull slide for flowers. For concentrates use a 19mm adapter and  atomizer platform, dome and wand.
The Monsoon Pull Bowl can be purchased here for $98.99


There is also a Monsoon Atomizer, complete with nail and dome.
The Monsoon Atomizer can be purchased here for $117.49


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Don’t forget checkout code SBK to save 10% on your order!

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