At HotBox Magazine, we know trust is earned, and creating trustworthy content is at the core of our mission — which is why we want to share exactly how we create content with links to vetted products and services.

Finding head shop products and accessory information is easy. It’s everywhere.

But finding trustworthy, relevant, usable information can be hard and even overwhelming.

HotBox Magazine is changing that.

We’re creating high-quality, evidence-based, easy-to-understand head shop product content so you can make the best decisions for yourself and others.

We’re also committed to helping you take action toward having the most memorable experiences with cannabis and CBD.

Sometimes, that means recommending products and services we feel could be useful tools on your ultimate cannabis and CBD experience journey.

Here’s how we decide what to include:

We Do The Research

Our editorial team spends hours analyzing data and combing through reader feedback to understand what our readers are looking for — whether that’s a good CBD oil for sleep, the best bongs under $100, or even essential gear for storing your cannabis properly.

Then, our writers and editors dive into researching the best options, considering things like:

  • cost
  • quality
  • accessibility
  • customer reviews
  • firsthand experience

We aim to create content that’s balanced and objective, clearly pointing out the pros and cons of the head shop products we include.

We Vet All Brands & Products

Every head shop product and brand we recommend is vetted by our Brand and Content Integrity team.

They evaluate each product ensuring it meets our high standards and aligns with our approach to enhancing your cannabis experience.

We Lead With Integrity

We enforce a strict advertising policy that ensures sponsors and business partners never influence our content.

If you see a shopping link within our content, know that it’s one HotBox Magazine stands behind.

We only link to products, services, and accessories that we feel provide value to our readers.

If you do buy something at the retailer’s site after clicking one of our links, we may receive a small commission from your purchase.

That revenue supports our independent editorial process and helps us deliver on our mission to help you discover safe and reliable head shops products and accessories.

No HotBox Magazine staff nor contributors from our network receive a commission from those purchases.

In instances where we do develop a direct business partnership with a brand or retailer, our Partnership Affairs team evaluates those partners.

They ensure HotBox Magazine only works with organizations that:

  • perform due diligence
  • are transparent to their customers about product safety, quality, and efficacy
  • don’t make unsubstantiated medical claims

Simply stated, we do the legwork — backed by a team of cannabis accessories experts — so you don’t have to.

So that you can feel confident in the choices you make for your next session and beyond.