Curious about making your own smoking pipe?

Ever found yourself in a pinch without your smoking gear?

Missing your smoking gear can be frustrating.

We’ve got you covered with 10 creative methods and a few handy tips to make it easier.

Let’s dive in.

Before we explore the ways to craft a homemade pipe, keep these tips in mind:

Smart Tips for DIY Pipes:

Avoid Plastic: Plastic bowls can melt and release harmful toxins. Use metal or other materials for the bowl, even if the body of the pipe is plastic.

Choose Your Food Wisely: Fruits and vegetables make great pipes, but choose ones that are fresh and firm to avoid a mushy mess.

Use a Screen: To prevent ash from getting in your mouth, use a screen. Metal, glass, or brass, the choice is yours.

Let’s Build a Pipe:

1. Fruits and Vegetables

vegetable homemade pipe

Start with an apple. It’s simple, tasty, and you can find one easily. Poke a hole for the bowl at the top, make another hole across the middle to meet the first, and then a third for airflow. Carve out a little bowl on top, and you’re set. This method works with many fruits and veggies!

2. Pen Pipe

homemade pen pipe

Grab a pen with a metal tip, disassemble it, reverse the nib to form a V-shape bowl, and you’ve got a one-hitter.

3. The Steamroller

homemade steamroller pipe

Use a tube, like a toilet paper roll, and make a hole for a makeshift bowl from aluminum foil. It’s a simple, effective way to smoke.

4. Metal Pipe

homemade metal pipe

Visit a hardware store, grab some plumbing parts, and assemble a basic metal pipe. It’s not fancy, but it works.

5. Candy Pipe

make your own candy pipe

Use soft candies like Starbursts. Mold them into a pipe shape, create a bowl on one end, and a mouthpiece on the other. It’s sweet and unique.

6. Soda Can Pipe

soda can smoking pipe

A classic DIY. Dent the side of a can for the bowl, poke holes, and create a mouthpiece. Simple and efficient.

7. Ice Block Pipe

homemade ice pipe

For a cool hit, carve a pipe out of a block of ice. It’s a fun, if temporary, solution.

8. Bamboo Pipe

homemade bamboo pipe

A piece of bamboo can become a great pipe. Seal one end, carve a bowl, and drill a mouthpiece on the other.

9. Baguette Pipe

homemade Baguette pipe

Yes, a baguette. Drill a mouthpiece and a bowl at opposite ends. Use a metal bowl insert for best results.

10. Pringles Can Pipe

pringles can homemade pipe

Similar to the steamroller but with a Pringles can. Sturdier and doesn’t require covering one end with your hand.

Now that you know how to make a homemade pipe, try these out and see which one you like best.