Bought a disposable vape ready to take those amazing hits without ever thinking twice about refilling it again but it’s just not hitting the spot.

It’s not the vape, that annoying little air bubble!

Don’t get frustrated and roll it out of the window yet!

Dispomode got you!

We bring you a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about the problem and how to get rid of it in a matter of minutes.

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7 Simple Ways to Get an Air Bubble Out of a Disposable Vape

1. Tap and Shake

Giving your disposable vape a brisk tap and shake is the quickest and most popular way to get rid of an air bubble.

When tapping the vaporizer on a hard surface, like your palm or a table, hold it with the mouthpiece facing down.

After that, give the vape a gentle shake to help the e-liquid flow toward the coil.

The air bubble should be displaced and your vaping experience should be enhanced.

2. Push the Sides In

Squeezing the edges of the disposable vape lightly, just below the airflow slots, is another efficient technique.

Don’t put too much pressure on the device because you don’t want to harm it.

The e-liquid can be redistributed and the air bubble can be removed by squeezing.

3. Prime the Coil

Try priming the coil if tapping and squeezing don’t produce any results.

To do this, place your fingers over the airflow openings and inhale a few dry puffs (inhaling without turning on the device).

This procedure removes the air bubble by drawing the e-liquid into the coil.

4. Warm It Up

Cold weather has the potential to thicken e-liquid, making it more challenging for air bubbles to escape.

This can be fixed by briefly warming the disposable vape by cupping your hands around it.

The e-liquid will become more fluid as a result, making it simpler to redistribute and get rid of the air bubble.

5. Rotate the Vape

Air bubbles that have been trapped can be released by rotating the disposable vape.

Take soft puffs while slowly rotating the device in a circular manner while holding it with the mouthpiece facing upward.

This may encourage the e-liquid to move in that direction and push the air bubble away from the coil.

6. Blow Into the Mouthpiece

A little blow into the mouthpiece can occasionally aid in releasing the air bubble.

Avoid blowing too vigorously to avoid forcing e-liquid into the mouthpiece.

The bubble should move with just a small puff of air.

7. Wait Patiently

Consider waiting a while if none of the aforementioned techniques appear to be effective right away.

Over time, air bubbles may occasionally rise naturally to the top of the e-liquid reservoir.

After a few minutes, put the disposable vape aside and give it another go.

It’s possible that the air bubble vanished on its own.

Why Do Air Bubbles Form in a Disposable Vape?

There can be several reasons leading to the formation of air bubbles in a disposable vape. Below are some of the most common causes:

1. Temperature Variations

Significant temperature variations can cause the disposable vape’s e-liquid to expand or contract, creating air bubbles.

When the gadget is subjected to extreme cold or heat, this frequently happens.

2. Altitude Differences

Similar to temperature changes, abrupt altitude changes can cause pressure changes, which might result in the formation of air bubbles.

This is especially important when ascending to greater altitudes or flying.

3. Reckless Handling

The disposable vape may get air-filled in the e-liquid reservoir if it is vigorously shaken or handled roughly, which might result in bubbles.

To reduce the likelihood of air bubble formation, the instrument must be handled carefully.

4. Viscosity of the e-liquid

Some e-liquids may be thicker or have a higher viscosity, which might make them more likely to trap air bubbles.

The possibility of air bubble generation can vary depending on the composition and ratios of the e-liquid.

What Makes It Difficult to Pull a Disposable Vape?

Your disposable vape may be clogged or have a low battery, which might be the cause of its failure to deliver.

A pleasant hit would not be possible if the gadget is clogged because it won’t be able to produce enough vapor.

It can be frustrating and detract from your entire vaping experience if you’re having trouble drawing air from your disposable vape.

There are a few possible causes for why it could be difficult to draw from your disposable vape.

An airflow obstruction is one frequent cause. In the airflow vents, dirt, humidity, or residue from the e-liquid can build up over time and hinder the airflow.

To solve this problem, blow into the vents gently or wipe them with a cotton swab.

This ought to aid in clearing any obstructions and restoring proper airflow.

A low battery is an additional possibility.

The device may not create enough power to heat the coil properly when the battery level is low, which will lead to poor vapor production and challenging pulling.

If your disposable vape can be recharged, consider doing so to see if that fixes the problem.

It’s also crucial to check the level of the e-liquid.

Dry hits and challenging pulling may result from the wicking material not being adequately saturated if the e-liquid level is too low.

If your disposable vape’s e-liquid level is low, you should top it off as directed by the manufacturer.

Sometimes a worn-out gadget or a defective coil can also make pulling harder.

Due to the short lifespan of disposable vapes, there may not be much that can be done in these circumstances.

If you’ve tried the aforementioned fixes and are still having problems, it might be time to buy a new disposable vape.

Why Is My Vape Releasing Air?

If you select the improper coil for your vaping style, too much e-liquid may travel through the coil.

When you vape, the extra e-liquid can spill through the air intake ports or, worse yet, be sucked out of the drip tip and into your mouth.

When you’re not inhaling or using your vape aggressively, the release of air from the device can be alarming.

Your vaporizer may be producing air for a number of reasons, including the following:

  1. Loose-fitted Connections: Make sure that you check the connections on your vape, including the coil, mouthpiece, and tank. Air leakage may result from one or more of these parts that are not properly fastened. Make sure that everything is securely fastened to stop air leaks.
  2. Ruptured Tank: Examine the tank or pod for any damage or cracks. Air leakage from a faulty tank can reduce the effectiveness of your vape. Replace the tank or pod if you discover any cracks to address the problem.
  3. Inapt Assembly: Air leakage may occur if the vape is improperly assembled. Verify that you are installing each component according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Check seals, O-rings, and gaskets carefully to make sure they are in good shape and installed properly
  4. Defective Seals: O-rings and seals are essential in stopping air leakage. These parts may deteriorate or get damaged over time, allowing air to escape. To restore a correct seal, think about replacing any O-rings or seals you suspect to be defective.


By being aware of these typical causes, you may take preventative actions, including handling the disposable vape carefully and storing it properly to lessen the likelihood of air bubble development.

It’s important to keep in mind that single-use disposable vapes are made for this purpose, thus trying to get an air bubble out may not always work.

To ensure a trouble-free vaping experience, it might be preferable to throw away the device and get a new one if the problem persists despite attempting these solutions.

While vaping, keep in mind to handle your device with care and to always take safety precautions.