Moose Labs Inc is a family owned business, created by brothers Dan and Jay Rush in July 2013.
With no real knowledge on how to, no training, the brothers bought a 3d printer and began to print prototype random ideas.
The next step the brothers at Moose Labs Inc took was to manufacturing 420 Stands in their basement, and being salesmen, selling from store to store, the real hustle.
Over time, thru trial and error, their ideas and products evolved, and the company Moose Labs Inc was finally formed.
Dan and Jay Rush strive to be creative and original with all of their products.

The name for Moose Labs Inc is thanks to their dog Moose.

Moose Labs Inc

Moose Labs Inc also offers services to the cannabis industry, from concept to sellable product, they have done it all and are willing to offer you the following services; Product design, product development, 3d printing and scanning, manufacturing, graphic design, and web design


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