In the market for some really good papers? Well if you are then you’re in luck! Introducing Ziggi Rolling Papers! There are so many different types of Ziggi Rolling Papers but today I’ll be informing you on their classic line. The classic Ziggies were the first rolling papers on the market that combined both papers and rolling tips, and there are 4 packs in the classic line of Ziggies and they are as follows:

  • Classic Slim Hemp
  • Classic Slim Double Hemp
  • Classic Slim UT
  • Classic Slim Double UT

Ziggi Rolling Papers

The Classic line of Ziggi rolling papers are smooth and nearly tasteless allowing you to always get the taste of your flower. These papers burn nicely and they come with tips which is always a plus! You have everything you need in one packet, and you won’t even notice because it’s packaged so compactly, it will fit in your pocket as any regular paper package would.

Ziggi Rolling Papers

For the Slim packages, you get 32 papers and 32 tips, for the double packages you get 64 of each!

You can purchase these classic papers on their website here!

That’s all for now everyone!

Stay tuned for more about different lines of Ziggies!

Stay Blazed and Ziggi On!

Millie W



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