After Ziggy started making filter tips for himself in the 1980′s, it then caught on to his friends.

Ziggi’s friends were given filter tips for free, until it caught on to everyone.

Ziggi then got the idea of manufacturing and selling these tips.

What makes Ziggi rolling papers unique is the whole package they come in, the U.R.S.

The Ultimate Rolling Solution, is more than just a pack of papers and tips.

The U.R.S. is also a portable rolling tray, perfect for on-the-go or outdoor use.


For an all in one needs, I really enjoy the Ziggi Ultimate Rolling Solution.

I love having papers, tips, and a place to roll all in one item, it makes things simple.

The papers are an easy roll, burn even, and have no taste.

The Ziggi Ultimate Rolling Solution is the perfect item for your vehicle, backpack, or on that camping trip of yours.

Having everything you need in one little package, that fits in your back pocket is a must need for the smoker on the go.

Ziggi Papers can be bought for about $2 off their website and come in a variety of different pack designs to match every personality.

Ziggi also does customization on U.R.S. for your brand, company, or party.

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