I know I’ve shared with you all before, some product reviews on Ziggi papers, but today we will delve into these fine papers history. Like most epic tales, it all started in the 80’s, when Ziggi was making his own filter tips. Sure enough he showed them to his friends and all of them wanted filter tips too! Back then the filter tips were being given out for free, but it was nearly impossible to keep up with the demand of these little filter tips, and giving them away for free wasn’t helping. Thus the idea for manufacturing and selling these tips were born.

Ziggi filters

When this all began, initially these tips were handmade in small quantities and were wrapped in a leather binding to keep them from getting messed up and that leather binding had a metal ring to use as a key ring, making these filter tips a super-hot buy, and that it was. Ziggi had finally accomplished being recognized as a quality brand. One thing led to another, new ideas were formed and with that being said the worlds first papers sold with filter tips hit the market!


The idea was revolutionary, and Ziggi knew this, and the ideas kept rolling. He decided to release double papers with filter tips as well, and it wasn’t just the idea that was amazing. Ziggi paper cases are an absolute delight, but he didn’t stop there. One of Ziggi’s newer ideas is something called the Ultimate Rolling Solution. As if having papers and filters in the same pack wasn’t already awesome enough, this certain type of Ziggi papers casing folds into a nice little rolling station! See Below!


These papers have as much history as they are awesome everyone! If you want to try out Ziggi’s many creations just visit their website! Don’t forget to keep up with Ziggi Papers on Instagram too for really dope shots of the papers!

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