Everyone should know by now that Ziggi Papers, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, are HotBox Magazine’s favorite papers. They are also the only papers to be HotBox Approved! They started out in the ’80s when a young man nicknamed Ziggi started handmaking his own filter tips. Soon after that, all his friends were asking for their own. Once they were high in demand, he struggled to keep up production. Thats when Ziggi Papers was born.


Ziggi filters were first produced in small quantities and sold wrapped in leather cases with a keychain attached. Soon after that, Ziggi Papers produced the first rolling papers with filter tips. They have always strived to bring you functional products, using only the best materials available, and added to their appeal with a creative design.


Ziggy Papers is a company known worldwide, but has managed to stay pretty grounded. They are very aware and involved in the culture and the community that surrounds them and they support young artists, athletes, and musicians. They have used their influence to make as many people as possible aware of the culture that has developed and is still developing everyday. Ziggi Papers makes their message heard through the diverse partnerships they have created in artistic, athletic and cultural organizations.

They also allow companies to use their product to spread their own message. Ziggi Papers makes custom papers for other businesses. This has always been a part of their business plan, since the very beginning. They allow you choose from four different patented products and each one is offered in various sizes. They also offer two different materials, hemp and ultra thin. From there one can design the outside packaging of the papers, as well as the display box. These papers are great for giveaways or merchandise. You can also let the papers be your unique business card. If you own your own company in this industry, this service shouldn’t be over looked. Even HotBox Magazine has its own papers!


This summer Ziggi Papers has a contest happening on Instagram – #ZiggiSummer. All you have to do to participate is follow them @ZiggiPapers, submit a picture with your summer inspiration with the hashtag #ZiggiSummer and tag one friend. They do a weekly prize for the next 13 weeks! Prizes include, t shirts, backpacks, and rolling papers. The final week prize for first place includes a year supply of rolling papers. Enter NOW!

Check out the Ziggi Summer commercial below for some summer inspiration!

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