One of the coolest parts about medicating is all of the amazing ways to smoke that are available. Vaporizers, pens, water pipes, the list is endless. But, the classic and most popular device is the glass bowl. Run by the husband-and-wife team of Yoshi and Keri, Denver-based Yoshi Glass hand-blows amazing pieces that are both beautiful to look at, and functional enough to be incorporated into everyday use.

Yoshi Glass Sherlock

The Sherlock pipe is a beautiful piece, made of Coil Potted Purple glass, with Pink Slyme embellishments. The millie on the side of the bowl contains a rough encased opal, which, when caught in the right light, glitters and shines like a tiny rainbow. In addition to being gorgeous, the millie also functions a kickstand of sorts, allowing you to rest the pipe on a table or other surface, without spilling the contents of the bowl.

yoshi glass

The bowl its self is deep, allowing for a larger amount of herb, and also created a really interesting smoke swirl effect, which is pretty much just an added bonus. One bowl will last quite a long time, making this a great pass-around piece for social gatherings. No need to worry about anyone complaining about smoking from this pipe, though. The Yoshi Sherlock hits hard, and clean, despite being a completely dry sherlock, with no water being used. The perfect bowl for those looking to solve a mystery or anyone who just wants to look like a detective while they medicate.

Yoshi Glass Squared

The Yoshi Squared is another amazing piece of functional art, in the form of a traditional handpipe. This stand-out, tri-colored bowl combines Momca Autumn Leaves, GA Agua Azul, and Yoshi Purple, a private color, developed about ten years ago after Yoshi received multiple requests for an eye-catching purple. The colors make a very beautiful, intricate pattern, nearly forcing anyone who sees this piece to stop and simply stare at it for a few moments.

yoshi glass

The millie on this handpipe hold a floating target design, made by Keri, and brings to mind a colorful coral bed on an ocean reef. This collaboration piece is almost too pretty, tempting you to simply display this like artwork, but is so well-made, you just have to use it. The Yoshi Squared is made of thick glass, making this piece rather heavy duty, but not bulky. It fits nicely in hand and features a deep bowl with a side carb. As with the Sherlock, the Yoshi Squared is a good social piece, due to the amount of herb it holds.

Yoshi glass piece can be purchased directly from the artists, with traditional handpipes starting at around $35. Custom orders are also available, should you want something a little more personalized. Be sure to check out the amazing glass pendants also available.

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