Product Update! VapeXhale has completely redesigned the Cloud and come out with the Vapexhale Cloud Evo! It is a completely re designed unit to make sure that you get the healthiest and thickest vapor possible. The Cloud Evo has all of the award winning attributes of the Cloud Vaporizer and has improved every spec of the machine.

vapexhale cloud evo hotbox

The updates include:

  • All glass vapor path
  • Perpetuheat Heating System™ (PHS)
  • HydraTube™ Delivery System
  • Light Weight design

The current model incorporates a faster heat up time and is backwards compatible with all VapeXhale Cloud accessories. When you go to the VapeXhale website you have the option of choosing your glass, accessories and your warranty, making it easier to pick and set up your very own Vapexhale Cloud Evo with ease.

vapexhale cloud evo hotbox

The Cloud Evo interface is very user friendly. There is a switch, a dial, a power cord, and the ELB. Plug in the power, flip the switch, move the dial to your preferred setting, pack the ELB (EZ Load Bowl), place the HydraTube or the dry mouthpiece onto the glass joint that holds the ELB, and inhale. Voila! Vapor heaven.  This may sound simple, but for anyone who has used a vaporizer before totally understands that it’s the “turn the dial to your preferred setting” part that requires time, patience and experimentation to know exactly what that setting is.

You can purchase your very own Cloud or Cloud Evo on their online shop.

Keep up with them on their Facebook and Instagram for all the latest news, video explanations and so much more.

Product reviews coming soon so stay tuned!

Stay Lifted and Evo On!

Millie W

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