As you know the Holiday Boxes will be shipping out next week. If you are feeling down that you missed out on the Halloween or Holiday Hotbox, you should purchase a Valentine’s Box for yourself or your partner before they are sold out!

This Valentine’s Day, buy your significant other something unique and guaranteed to wow them. This will be the gift they always remember, there are thousands of flowers, jewelry, and chocolate, there is only 100 Valentines Hotboxes. This box wil feature products from your favorite brands and even better, the brands you don’t know yet.
Pick your Valentine’s HotBox Limited Care Pack up now.  After your order is complete, you will get an email, so we can personalize your box to meet your 420, 710, or both needs.

The cost of the Holiday Hotbox is $79.99 plus shipping.
If you use the coupon code “snakebitekiss” you will get FREE shipping!
Click here to order your Valentine’s Hotbox


What is in this box you might ask?
Each box will include a variety of items, such as; Vape Pens, Grinders. Storage/Containers, Glass Products, Dabbers, Nails, Lifestyle Apparel, Stoner Music, Smoking Devices, Papers, Wraps and Blunts.
Each box has around 7-10 items, $200 worth of products or more.

The Holiday Hotbox will ship out on 02/09/15

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