Here is a cool treat for my stoners who are always on the go whether it be to the beach, a festival, or a concert. You will always need a stealth piece on you so you can enjoy your outing and your herb. Check out these cool Rasta Themed stealth bracelets from Angela LaRocca! She is a MMJ patient and she travels to UFC, MMA, and concerts a lot in her spare time.

stealth bracelet angela

“When traveling it’s really hard to self-medicate while at a venue.  It’s also really hard to put a glass bowl/pipe in your purse all the time.”

–  Angela L

Angela has been dealing with chronic health problems for 13 years after some rather eventful injuries and surgeries. So, to keep her mind off of all of the negative stuff going on she decided to start a hobby.

It was back 2002 that she realized making creative and unique things was something to get serious about and found that it took her mind off of what was going on with herself.

Angela Stealth bracelet

“I figured this bracelet would be fashionable and functional.  I had a goal to make it and I tried my best.  I aim for happy customers and if any of my customers have concerns or advice to help make my products better, I am 100% on board.”

-Angela L

These stealth bracelets make it really easy to go out and not worry about how were going to toke up later. All you have to do is load the small bowl, light and inhale! Simple and totally awesome! If you aren’t feeling the Rasta theme no worries Angela also makes awareness ribbon bracelets, and keychains for things like

Autism, Childhood Cancer, Breast Cancer, Depression/PTSD/Anxiety, and other diseases/illnesses.

To get your very own Unique Creation please visit their website. Be sure to keep up with her on Instagram for dope photos and more of her bracelets.

Thats all for now everyone!

Stay Blazed and Stealth On

Millie W

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