New innovative product alert! If your an outdoorsy type stoner or just a stoner on the go, the Trove from Green Wizard Products is just for you.  Engineered by Nick Farrell  (Owner) the Trove was designed with the ability to be water proof and smell proof! Cool right, and thats only the outer shell! Which, by the way, was intentionally put under the tire of a car, run over, and was  fine other than just a small dent! I say so far this is shaping up to be a great container. Green Wizard celebrated the launch of the Trove with a Cannabis Cup launch party in Nov of 2013 and have been producing this awesome product ever since.  Ive told you about the perks of the outer part of the Trove but the most important part is the Rolling Buddy(middle console). This middle piece can be removed and has 6 holes to hold your joints or cigarettes and has a compartment for you to store your papers. There is a “V” compartment that when turned on its side becomes a rolling tray with a clip to hold your paper in place. Which in turns helps you roll up when your out doors and its a bit windy. Now all of this is great but one of the Troves’ best features is its built in grinder! Talk about convenience, the Trove is basically a portable rolling station all in a fashionable compact product. I had the pleasure of speaking with Nick and one things he couldn’t stress enough was the Troves “High end and high quality”  material and the fact that at Green Wizard Products the feedback is well listened too and very well taken. So there will be updates coming soon. Right now there are 3 colors Blue, Black, and Orange but GWP is about to release the Green. Just in time for summer! If your planning on being at the beach this summer the Trove is a great item to have with you to roll up and enjoy the summer without worrying about the breeze messing you up. The Troves main purpose is to “Grind, Store and Protect,” and it does it very well.

Go ahead and check them out on Instagram @greenwizardproducts

Stay Lifted and Trove On
Millie W

Trove-HotBox-001 Trove-HotBox-GrinderTrove-HotBox-pic-001 Trove-HotBox-rolling-buddy

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