I never hide my things , I love showing off my new smoke products to my friends . It’s a must to trip them out with the next cool thing in my smoke box, but my deepest concern is to do so while keeping myself healthy.
Trip, which is 100% biodegradable ,100% natrual , and made from cellulose,  gave me my peace of mind while tripping friends out with its 100% transparency.  Its not plastic but can be mistaken for it due to how pliant the material is. This makes it’s ablility to roll very easy. I honestly have no problem rolling these up, I find rolling cones and or baseball bats a breeze with this product .  It doesn’t crease up that much because of its texure . It has a high quality feel of plastic ,but its not. They also don’t stick together when its really humid.  Its super cool and there is no adhesive strip on the papers yet it still binds together easily with one lick.
The simple fact that If I where to misplace the product outside and not have it harm any living micro organisms reassures me that this biodegradable product is safe . Not only is it safe but its cool to look at as well, the packaging has nice graphics and the words “Peace and Love” rest nicely at the top. These fun papers are gum/tree free and made with asiatic cotton mallow, which contributes to its transparent appearance. This is a great steal and also something I will continue to purchase in the future.
You can buy Trip clear papers in the following sizes:
I say to myself ….. why not show this off to my friends in a nice smoke session while introducing them to a safer clear rolling paper? Its a hot seller , good for the environment, and totally fun to burn.
Allen B

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