Are you constantly on the go but want to bring your smoking essentials? Are you having a hard time figuring out exactly what to bring? HotBox Magazine has broken down five items you should own and should never leave your home without. These products are made for on the go and will give you and your friends an enjoyable and safe smoking experience.


Sploofy is a discreet and portable smoke filtration device. What Sploofy actually does is deodorize resin particles to give you a smokeless and odorless effect. The filtration cartridge is replaceable and includes a HEPA filter with 99.97% efficiency and premium coconut shell activated carbon. It can last up to 300 uses, depending on the person. Sploofy works better than the old toilet paper roll and dryer sheets because it is actually filtering the smoke not just hiding the smell. If you purchase the Sploofy, make sure to use the twist lock mouthpiece to adjust airflow when not in use. This will save your Sploofy! It is pretty small in size, sitting at 4 inches in height and 2 1/4 in width which makes it perfect for taking it with you wherever you go. Find your Sploofy at



Ghost Packs Bag

Here is a company that wants to bring fashion and style to odor absorbing bags. Ghost Pack Bag Company’s bags contain a carbon lining that surrounds the entire bag to trap the smell before it leaves the bag. While no bag can promise you 100% effectiveness, these bags works very well. And if you feel that the carbon has lost its touch after some time, all you need to do is flip it inside out and throw it in your dryer. This will reactivate the carbon. Ghost Packs come in two styles, a backpack and a coin bag to cater to individual needs. They are available in two color, Black OG and Camo OG. These bags are great if you are constantly on the go and need to carry your stuff, especially the backpack since its big enough to carry all the products were mentioning. Buy the Ghost Pack that fits your needs at


Nail Crown

The Nail Crown is the ultimate dabbing safety tool and you should never be without it. Avoid burning yourself on a hot nail and easily take your tools with you. The Nail Crown is made with Platinum Cured Silicone and can be used to cover or remove a hot nail up to 500 degrees. This is the perfect dab, grab and go tool since you will never have to wait for things to cool down again! It can also be used to store your concentrates or your dabbing tools. The Nail Crown is HotBox Approved and is available in 18 different colors, including glow in the dark and heat activated color changing. Find your favorite color at Nail Crown at


Spray 420

This is another HotBox Approved item and is a MUST HAVE item! Spray 420 is a dry aerosol odor eliminator. It has a fresh scent that is not incredibly overwhelming like many other sprays. A unique fact about this product is that its formula allows the product to rise with the smoke, actually working to eliminate the odor. Unlike all other sprays, it doesn’t fall to the ground and leave a wet, sticky residue. Spray 420 is safe to use on anything, including upholstery, and is safe to use around your pets. Spray 420 is the best odor eliminator you can own, so don’t get caught without it. Available in several packages, get your Spray420 at



MouthPeace was made with your safety and health in mind. It’s main purpose is to prevent illness and reduce the spread of germs that take place when sharing random glass pipes with a group of people. It is made from Platinum Cured Silicone with a flexible and tapered design to fit most pipes. It is great for events or festivals, or if simply you are a health conscious social smoker. MouthPeace is also doctor recommended so make sure you take yours with you if your are going to hang out with friends and share pieces. MouthPeace is available in several colors, including rasta, green and, for those who are patriotic, red, white, and blue.Purchase your MouthPeace at


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