We are all familiar with Raw Rolling Papers and their other awesome products, but were you aware of what Raw does with its proceeds? Interested in the answer? Raw has a vast number of loyal supporters and the more money they spend on Raw products, the more money they have to conduct special projects such as feeding malnourished children in the Philippines or digging wells in drought stricken Ethiopia. The Raw Foundation is the name of the noble work overseen by Joshua Kesselman, the founder of Raw Rolling Papers.

“Much of our work is designed to create sustainable loops that save and improve more and more people’s lives with each passing day. Helping people in the present is very important but equally as important is helping them create their own brighter future.”  -Raw Website

Not only does Raw contribute to the agricultural aspect of things but also starving or ill children. They are a part of Project Smiles and during the founder of Raws birthday they raised enough to fix the clefts of 17 children, but those 17 kids weren’t all.


Here is just a small list of projects taken on by the Raw Foundation:

  • They  have donated over $150,000 to independent schools
  • They went to Uganda and repaired and refurbished 13 defunct water wells.
  • They also included an educational component to teach the locals illness prevention, how to fix the well and to save a little bit of money each month in case they need a part.

Thats just a small fraction of the amazing work the Raw Foundation is taking part in. Did you know? Well if you didn’t, now you do! Thank you Raw for being so awesome and doing your part.

Remember everyone when you buy Raw products, you’re helping out also because as they say at Raw “We have only been able to do all of this because of the tremendous loyalty and support that you’ve given us. You are responsible for these wells as much as we are. We all did this together.”

So stay lifted and Raw on!

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