Health Stone Vapor Stone 

What is it ?: a small black puck that resembles a hookah coal that you place inside of your bowl. They come in various sizes to fit inside any bowl/bong. 5 

How does it work?: You take your favorite glass piece, place some smoke inside, place the Health Stone on top of said smoke, and then (this is optional) put some wax or oil on top. After all of that, just spark it as you would any other bowl. 5 

Practicality: Say you like taking dabs, but don’t wanna bring your rig out in public. The Health Stone makes any regular hand pipe capable of smoking wax/shatter/crumble out of it. If you’re just smoking flowers out of it, it has all of the benefits of a vaporizer with no robot technology. 5 

How much use will it get?: Literally tons, especially if you’re a glass fiend.5 

Is it worth the money?: Your average stone runs you about 20-30 bucks depending on where you find it. I believe this is a good investment for any health conscious hemp head. 5 

*Final Score* 5


Juicy Jay’s pre rolled cones in Blackberry Jones 

Smell/taste: Very sweet blackberry taste that stays on your lips after every toke. The wooden tip is even flavored it seems. 4

Packaging: These Juicy’s come in a reusable tube wrapped in plastic. Great textured blackberries on the top and bottom of the tube offset by the JJ’s logo. 4 

Harshness/mellowness: Very smooth, they come with built in filters as well as the wooden tip. 4 

How slow does it burn?: I smoked two of these and they ran slow, however they tended to run a bit. 2

Would you buy another? (If so how often?): Yes, this size cone is perfect for personal joints, but they fly away in a circle. 3 

*Final/star score: 3 1/2

bluntist cone

Zig Zag blunt wraps in Melon 

Smell/taste: These at first were amazing, then I got about half way through the blunt and almost had to quit. These had a horribly bitter after taste. Not sure why this happened but it definitely effected the smoke. 1 

Packaging: Zig Zag keeps it very simple with their black and dark pink foil package. Nothing here to be mad at. 4 

Harshness/mellowness: We almost didn’t post about this blunt because of how harsh it got by half time. Harsh. 1 

How slow does it burn?: Very slow, but when it tastes like this I’m not sure if it’s a good thing. 3

Would you buy another? (If so how often?): No, this flavor is a bust. 1 

*Final/star score: 2


Juicy Jay’s 1 1/4 papers in Marshmallow 

Smell/taste: Very faint actual flavor, but a dead on sweet marshmallow taste. 4

Packaging: Almost the same package as the chocolate chip cookie pack, except with marshmallows. The papers themselves have tiny marshmallows textured all over them. 3

Harshness/mellowness: Pretty smooth. 4

How slow does it burn?: The newer Juicy Jays are more like an unrefined paper, making them burn very slow. 5

Would you buy another? (If so how often?): yes, I like the newer wave of dessert flavored papers and blunts that aren’t fruity. 5

*Final/star score: 4 1/2


SuperLeaf vegetable leaf rolling papers  

Smell/taste: There is a slightly fresh/earthy taste, but it quickly vanishes, and you are left with the taste of nothing but what you’ve rolled up. 5

Packaging: The packaging is more about function than fashion, which is a good thing considering SuperLeaf is such a new product. The package is a black and silver vac sealed ziplock container (that you can see through) with the SuperLeaf sticker (with facts) in the middle. 5

Harshness/mellowness: Think of your favorite natural tobacco leaf cigar, now imagine they had absolutely no harshness to them at all. That is what SuperLeaf vegetable rolling papers are! 5

How slow does it burn?: These burn at an insanely slow pace without any resin to speak of. 5

Would you buy another? (If so how often?): Yes, consider this your early pass and STOCK UP on these bad boys! We all know tobacco products are bad for us so let’s make sure to smoke things like rice papers, hemp papers, and now VEGETABLE papers. 5

*Final/star score: 5


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