On Sunday March 15 from 11am – 6pm was the Denver Glass and Vape Show. This show features different companies, artists, and products from around the country. Some have been around for years, and some are brand new to the industry. The show was open to the public as long as you were 18 or older with a valid ID. HotBox went to the Glass and Vape Show to interview all the companies to find out more about them and their products.

Terry Sharp Glass has been blowing glass since 1997, that is over 15 years, pretty much since the start of glass blowing nationwide. Terry Sharp is from Indiana, currently located in Englewood, Colorado. Terry has no official art background other than grade school art classes. Terry’s inspiration for glass blowing is the band, The Gateful Dead.

Terry Sharp Glass Terry Sharp Glass
Terry never thought glass blowing would be this big, he never imagined there would be shows where functional glass would be showcased. Terry has noticed that glass has taken a whole new life, a new life form, more technical intricate pieces. The way Terry Sharp Glass tends to keep up with the ever changing glass industry is by using social media to keep track of what’s going on.  Terry designs his pieces by what he’s in the mood for. He may see a color somewhere and decided to make a piece that specific color, it’s all about art for Terry Sharp Glass.

Check out the interview from the Denver Glass and Vape show below;

Be sure to check out @TerrySharp on Instagram for all of his work.
If you are interested in purchasing some Terry Sharp Glass, you can contact him thru K.i.K. Messenger; T2000 and his email; TSharpGlass@Gmail.com.

You can purchase some of Terry Sharp Glass online from TheDabStore, and HighKulture.

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