The holiday season is upon us! Time for chai lattes, peppermint mochas, pumpkin spice coffees and Cinnamon Blunt Wraps?! Yes! You read right, introducing to you Swisher Sweets: Blazing Fire blunt wraps! These are perfect for this holiday season, it really has a very strong cinnamon taste, but not so strong that you can’t taste your flower.


If you like the cinnamon candy called FireBalls you will really enjoy these blunts, it will really get you in the holiday spirit. Plus these are not too harsh, and nice and smooth on the throat, very aromatic and SUPER Rare! These wraps are made in the Dominican Republic and do not have the traditional tobacco leaf on the outside, its just the blunt.


Be sure to try em out this season! Happy Holidaze everyone!

You can get these exclusive wraps on their website.

Thats all for now everyone.

Stay Blazed, and Fire On!

Millie W


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