I enjoy my stanky green smell, but not while im driving or going out. I personally dont mind, but the looks you get and the risk of getting caught is just too much. So I just use a Stink Sack, they cover up that dank smell exceptionally well, so its easier to go out with some good stuff and not worry about getting caught green handed.

They come in all different sizes to fit your stash needs, but one of the coolest things about Stink Sacks are their fun designs; Skulls, Camouflage, Leopard Print , Solid Black CannabisCup Amsterdam  2013 and Clear HighTimes CannabisCup Denver 2014. Not many stash bags put as much effort into the design and “appearance”  of their bags like StinkSack does. You can conceal your dank and have a little personal flare to it also. The designs are awesome but thats not what this is about! Stink Sacks are Top Quality  stash bags! Check out the qualities below:

  • Resealable, Reusable
  • Odor Proof
  • There is a non clear bag option so no one can see inside
  • 4 Sizes(1&2 Gallon, Classic Quart, Classic Small and XSmall)
  • Cool Designs

Each Stink Sack is made with 3 laminated layers of triple polypropylene polymers for top quality odor proofing, and if you have little ones running around Stink Sack also gives you the option of getting the SECURE StinkSack.

It is a bit different from the regular Odor Proof bags. The Secure is made with heavy duty food grade plastic making it safe to put your edibles in as well as bud. The Secure is also very durable due to its wide edge seal, and tamper evident fasteners, but the most important aspect of the Secure StinkSack is that it is ASTM/CPSC CERT. CHILD RESISTANT. Thats right. No other odor proof baggy company offers that. They have been selling since Nov. 2013. They are currently unavailable until the end of October of 2014. They are being redeveloped to be even stronger!!

Ok so far so good right? StinkSack offers us design, quality and results!

I had the privilege of speaking to Ross Kirsh (Owner) and one thing that really stuck out was his passion for the people. Sure they need to make money to keep their business but Ross assures me “it’s not about the money, its about the people.” When he first started on this venture he saw that there was already a few stash bag companies out there but all he saw was “plenty of potential for improvement.” And improve he did. StinkSack is a still growing community with so much to offer so get your piece of the sAcktion now buy visiting them at:


Get special promo codes and updates from their Instagram: @StinkSack

Stay Lifted and Sack On!

Millie W

stink sack product review stink sack product review

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