Quite a few of our Valentine’s Limited Care Pack members received a Source Vapes Mirco Globe in their box.

The Source Vapes Micro Globe has been a great way to enjoy concentrates, but is now even better.
The technology from their Source Orb atomizers has been passed on to their Micro Globes.

These Micro Globes work with concentrates and essential oils, and are made from hand blown glass, and made with Grade 2 titanium nails. Micro Globes have an extra large wide atomizer design, and double wrapped coils.

Source Vapes Micro Globe

The Source Vapes Micro Globe includes;
One Source Micro Globe attatchment.
One Source Orb & Globe Titanium Wicked or Wickless Single Coil Atomizer
One Source Micro Supercharged 4.2v 350mah Elips battery.
One mircoUSB charger.

If you’d like a Souce Vapes Micro Globe you can purchase one here.


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