SOURCE Vapes motto is “Innovating the Future”, and all it takes is one look at their product line to see that this is something they truly believe in and are striving to do. SOURCE offers an extensive and amazing array of vape pens with options for both dry herb and concentrates. They offer at least one new product each month, and have some of the lowest pricing as far as vape pens are concerned throughout the industry. SOURCE offers the 10Cig, the $10 vape pen.

source vape2

SOURCE Vape’s 10Cig is made with industry leading Grade 2 titanium, as are all of SOURCE’s pens and coils. The 10Cig is versatile, allowing for use with both dry herb and concentrates, and comes with two attachments, to allow for optimal use of either one with the same pen. A major problem solver, this small, light weight pen gives the option to choose between dry herb and concentrates on the go, with little to no fuss! Super discreet, ultra thin, and incredibly light, the 10Cig is a great on-the-go pen. One of the best things about the 10Cig is the unbelievably low price. You can get your very own 10Cig for just ten dollars!


The 10Cig is high tech, high quality, and is the lowest priced multi-use vape pen on the market. “Innovating the Future” is SOURCE Vape’s motto and core belief, so, keeping that in mind, SOURCE is constantly upgrading and coming out with new versions of the 10Cig. The Valentine’s Day Limited Care Pack included the 10Cig V2, but you can currently purchase the 10Cig V3, which features a black chrome finish, and comes with a Grade 2 titanium single coil wickless attachment, the dry herb hitter attachment, a 510 threaded battery and an ultra-convenient USB charger. In addition to the incredibly affordable pen, you can also purchase new atomizers, that feature the Grade 2 titanium single coil wickless design.

If you absolutely cannot live one more moment without a 10Cig in your life, and let’s face it, who can? Head on over to to get your own 10Cig V3. While you’re there, check out all the other high quality products SOURCE Vapes has to offer, and find out what has made them a leader in the market of vaping products and accessories. Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram @sourcevapes.

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