Snic Barnes, glass blower, is one amazing person!
He attended multiple glass classes, and surprising to some, wilderness classes.

snic barnes glass blowersnic barnes glass blower

Snic Barnes discovered glass blowing in 1997, in Philadelphia at the Crefeld School,  after he was 17, he attended The Appalachian Center for Crafts in Tennessee, where he focused his study on hot glass, and he was introduced there to electroplated metal, being introduced to this, helped inspire his own electroforming technique. After leaving Tennessee Snic Barnes went back to Philadelphia to begin building his first of many glass studios, while building his first studio, he took classes in New York at the Corning Museum of Glass, he then traveled into the New Jersey, into the Pine Barrens to attend The Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School.  This school taught many life and survival and tracking skills that Snic Barnes states impacted his career as an artist.

snic barnes glass blowersnic barnes glass blower
At 22 Snic Barnes moved to Vermont, to create a new studio and to create new glass works, this moved him away from the city, leaving him to nature, himself, and his glass. He then quit glass blowing for a year to take more survival and wilderness training at The Past Skills Wilderness School in Montana. The lingering want to glass blow could only be ignored for a year, so he began traveling all over the country, melting with many artists, visiting all different glass studios. Currently Snic Barnes lives and works in Austin Texas.

snic barnes glass blowersnic barnes glass blower
It sounds like Snic Barnes will always have an amazing life adventure, I hope to update you more on Snic Barnes.

Be sure to follow @SnicBarnes on Instagram and his Tumblr for all his amazing work!

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