Skunk is a brand of hemp rolling papers that have been around since 1994.
Skunk papers are extra thin, slow burning, and have a natural gum.
Skunk papers come in sizes of 1 1/2 , 1 1/4, and single wide.
Some of the flavors Skunk comes in is; Hawaiian, Strawberry, and Blackberry.


I have tried both the 1 1/2 Skunk papers and the 1 1/4 blackberry papers.

What I like about the 1 1/2 is the size, the wider paper makes an easy roll.
What I like about the blackberry flavored papers is the flavor.
The Skunk brand has a very strong flavor, that tastes so good the whole way thru smoking.

Both papers burn even and very slow, I do not have many issues with un-even burning.
The hit of these papers is nice, there is little paper taste, and they do not go out.

  1. Slow burning
  2. Hemp paper
  3. Natural Gum
  4. Extra Thin

Skunk Brand Rolling papers are located in stores across North America.

Luckily if you have trouble finding them, you can order them online from Rolling Paper Depot

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