From the company that brings you many different papers, tips, and a foundation, RAW has this nifty shredder case.
A shredder, is also known as a grinder, this case is similar to a grinder card.
This case has two functions, to hold your papers, and to grind you herbs.
The Raw Shredder Case comes in two sizes;
Small, which fits Raw 1 1/4 sized papers, and Large, which fits the RAW 300 paper packs.

The small Raw Shredder Case can be purchased here for $7.49


The large Raw Shredder Case can be purchased here for $7.49

I have the Small Shredder Case. I must say I adore it. It fits in my pocket with ease.

I love how it can hold my papers and then I can simply close the case and rub my herb across the top to break it down and have it all contained in this case, ready for packing.

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