Shine Papers has many gold products to choose from, including 24k Gold Cigar Wraps.
These wraps, work just like normal wraps, only the outer side of these wraps is covered in edible 24k gold.

photo (2)photo (6)

These wraps roll great, they are not difficult to roll, and do not rip like some wraps may. I found there is no gold taste, the gold stays in the ashes, it looks really cool.I was able to fit a decent amount in one of these wraps, and not only did it burn evenly, but it also burned for a good while.

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These 24k Gold Cigar Wraps can be purchased here for  $33.00
If you use code SBK you can save 10%

Make sure to check out Shine Papers on Instagram and look at all their other products for sale.

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