If your in the market for a new stealth piece look no further, and for those of you who don’t know what im talking about its OKAY i’m about to explain. A stealth piece could be either an accessory (jewelry) , or clothing that look like everyday items but are used as a smoking utencil instead. A popular account on Instagram @alicemooncollective has been satisfying the masses with her Secret Smokers Bracelets and Headbands for 3 years!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Alice about her stealthy product and how on earth she thought to make a pipe out of a bracelet and this is what she had to say, “A few years back I worked at a dispensary. The owner told me that if I could make something that would appeal to stoners I could sell it in the shop. I started with marijuana leaf necklaces and then brainstormed more and came up with the Secret Smoker Bracelet. I spent just under a year perfecting the design and quality of the bracelets. I’ve been making them since 2011. I also make headpieces and necklaces but my main focus is The Secret Smoker Bracelet.”

And a secret it is indeed! One look at the bracelet and there is no second thought! Its stealthy and amazing, it makes the perfect gift for that special stoner in your life, or a fashionable yet resourcefull present for yourself. The Secret Smoker Bracelets come in all different shapes and sizes, there is even room for customs!
For more information on where to buy these hidden treasures please visit her on Instagram at @alicemooncollective or on her website www.thealicemoon.com

Stay Blazed and Fashion on my friends!

Millie W

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