We’ve all had that problem of getting certain areas of a water pipe clean. Scrubber Duckys can help with that hard to reach spot. Scrubber Duckys are these duck shaped dual sided felt scrubbers that have magnets inside. With the help of the rubber handle you simply drop your duck in your water pipe, and use the handle on the outside to scrub all  those grimy areas in your water pipe. You can use Scrubber Duckys with soap and water or with iso alcohol or the cleaner of your choosing. Each duck will be good to keep your water pipe clean for about a month, and  you can always purchase replacement ducks if the three in your starter kit get old.

Scrubber Duckys
I have a Scrubber Ducky Starter Kit to review. I like how small the ducks are, so they are able to fit in a variety of different sized water pipes. The ducks feel smooth to the touch, but don’t let their cute appearance fool you. It’s good that the handle is encased in rubber so there is no worry about clanking or breaking your glass.  The steps on how to use Scrubber Duckys are simple;

  1. Rinse out the old water and any loose particles that may be in your water pipe.
  2. Add your warm water, iso alcohol, or cleaner of your choosing. Do know that only warm water is really needed, and should do the job unless your glass is really caked up.
  3. Place a single duck into the wet water pipe, gently bring the large magnet handle from the OUTSIDE towards the scrubber ducky on the INSIDE of the water pipe.
  4. Move the magnetic handle on the outside around as needed,  this will clean the inside of your water pipe.


Each Scrubber Ducky Starter Kit includes 3 rubber duck shaped magnetic cleaners and 1 heavy duty rubber coated magnetic outer handle.
Scrubber Duckys
You can purchase a starter kit here for $12.00.
$1.00 from every online purchase is donated to The BabylonBeWear Foundation, which is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the awareness and farming of biofuels such as cannabis hemp, algae and sugarcane.

Be sure to check out the Scrubber Ducky website for replacement ducks, and other designs.  Also follow them on Instagram @QuickCleanBong to keep up with their current products and any new products.


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