Did you know Rolling Paper Depot has a whole section on their website for cool stuff? Now you do!
After phone calls and emails about the coolest smoking accessories on the website, Rolling Paper Depot has decided to put all these accessories in one category.

You can view all the items under Cool Stuff here, below is a list of some items I found cool;

Brown Sugar Flavor Drops Sampler, these drops add flavor to your rolling papers or packed herbal bowls.
This sampler includes one bottle each of the following flavors; Apple, Blueberry, Chocolate, Grape, Strawberry, and Vanilla

rolling paper depot
You can purchase a Brown Sugar Flavor Drops Sampler here for $6.99



  •  iChief iPhone Cases, these cases not only protect your phone but they also hold your favorite pack of 1 1/4″  sized papers, and a small rolling space.
    ichief-i-phone-case-(1)-324x324 ichief-i-phone-case-(7)-500x500
    The iChief iPhone 4/4S case can be purchased here for $19.99
    The iChief iPhone 5/5S case can be purchased here for $30.00


JetLife Ashtray, this ashtray is the official ashtray of the rapper, Curren$y. I like it cause it’s a cute little jet!
The Jetlife Ashtray can be purchased here for $18.99




Celebration Pipes are hand crafted from a ceramic composite. These pipes are textured with lava rocks, then baked at 2300° F and plated in one of the following finishes; Hanalei Blue, Purple Haze, Platinum, Black Coral, or 22kt Gold.
Each celebration pipe comes with a velvet carrying case and a Certificate of Authenticity, as well as a signature from the artist, and the pipe number.
All of this comes presented in a custom gift box.
You can purchase a Celebration Pipe here starting at $89.99 – Price depends on finish, There are only 3,000of these pieces created every year.




Be sure to follow @rpdepot on Instagram and check out their website for all their products

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