Rolling Paper Depot was awesome enough to send every single one of our members a “survival” kit.

The Survival Kit from Rolling Paper Depot included;
Two Rolling Paper Depot bracelets, One King Size pack of Juicy Jay Very Cherry Papers, Two Doob Tubes, and six Juicy Jay Wraps; Black and Blueberry, Peach Cognac, Grapes Gone Wild, Raspberry, Strawberry, Tripp.

Rolling Paper Depot

You can grab some bracelets here. They come in green, black, and orange.
One one side these bracelets say; “” and “Keep Calm & Roll On” on the other side.

Doob Tubes are air tight, odor-free, and water resistant. They are made of a hard plastic with a rubber top that keeps in odor and keeps lint, water, ect out.

You can grab some Doob Tubes with no sayings here.
You can grab Doob Tubes that say Arizonia Prop here. – These tubes say; “Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. Proposition 203. Use only as directed by a physician.”

Doob Tubes also come in an XL size of 5.5 inches. Also different from the smaller size, these doob tubes have a rounded bottom.
You can grab XL Doob Tubes with the RPD logo here.
You can also get XL Doob Tubes with random sayings here.

You can get your own Very Cherry King Sized Juicy Jay papers here.

Rolling Paper Depot


Be sure to check out the Rolling Paper Depot website for all of the products they have.
Be sure to follow @rpdepot on Instagram.

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