What is Rollawear Brand you ask? Rollawear is the world’s first rolling tray and shirt!

No more needing to bring a rolling tray with you, just put on a shirt and go, totally discrete.
This brilliant product comes in a variety of colors, all of which have a rolling pad on the underside.

Rollawear Brand has a few different designs to choose from.

T-Shirts come in sizes; Small – 3XL and come in over 10 colors.

All T-Shirts are $25.00

The Loud Lime can be purchased here.

If you want to look a bit more dressed up, you can purchase a polo.

Polos come in sizes Medium -2 XL and come in Blue or Black

image (2)
Polos can be purchased here for $24.99

Feeling a little chilly since Winter is right around the corner, how about a Long Sleeved shirt.

Long Sleeves come in sizes Small – 3XL
image (3)
Long Sleeves can be purchased here for $27.00 ($29.00 for 2XL & 3XL

The best clothing product they have in my opinion is the hoodie!

Hoodies come in sizes Small – 4XL and come in colors; black, grey, red, and pink.
All hoodies are $59.00
image (5)
The Pink Hoodie can be purchased here.

A page of all the color options for Rollawear Brand can be found here.

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Using code “rolla97” will save you 42% off the website – except hoodies!

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