Rollaboards. Based in California, and made of organic bamboo, their rolling “Boards” as they call them come in 3 sizes Small, Medium, and Large. The largest one comes with a built in paper dispenser and slot for your grinder. The two smaller ones come without the dispenser and cut out but are perfect for on the go where as the large one would be more for the home use. Rollaboards are reasonably priced, because they are made of bamboo. you’ll see about a 10-20$ price difference between these and Wooden rolling boards. For Sale on the Mini (small) retails for $24.95, The Lap Sled (medium) retails for $26.95, and The Shred Sled (large) retails for 54.95. Also Upon purchasing one of these boards, Rollaboards assures you that they stand behind the quality and design of every product. You can also stay connected with them through their Instagram page @rollaboards. All in all its definitely worth picking yourself up one of these boards, because I can’t wait to get my hands on one. photo credits: and


Shred Sled The Shred Sled

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