The 420 Limited Care Pack has been shipped out and received by our members!

It is time to start giving you all the information on the different products that were in the boxes.

If you didn’t get a 420 Limited Care Pack, be sure to grab a 710 Limited Care Pack now before they sell out.

Some of our Limited Care Pack members received a Roll Uh Bowl in their box.


Roll Uh Bowl was created by Charlie McKay a Montana native, an outdoor enthusiast. Due to his love for the outdoors, Charlie wanted to construct a pipe he could take with him, without the worry of breakage.

Something that was lightweight, had to also not take up much room in his outdoor gear, thus Roll Uh Bowl was born. Great for camping, fishing, boating, and especially rock climbing.

Roll Uh Bowl is made from medical grade care, class 6 silicone, and made in the United States.

This indestructible water pipe is easy to clean, odor and tasteless can be cleaned with soap and water, or put in a dishwasher. The bowl and the downstem are stored easily in your folded Roll Uh Bowl, keeping it safe, ready to go when you are.

Your Roll Uh Bowl will also come with a storage band, to hold your folded bowl secure. When folded the Roll Uh Bowl will be about the size of your palm.

When in use, the Roll Uh Bowl is 8 inches tall.


If you want your own Roll Uh Bowl you can purchase one here for $35.00

Available in the following colors; Orange, Blue, Black, Green, and Purple.

Be sure to check out the Roll Uh Bowl website for more information. Be sure to “Like” their Facebook page and give @RollUhBowl a “Follow” on Instagram.

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