RipLite is a Philadelphia based company that focuses on illumination lifestyle, with their beautiful, colorful, accent light piece. I was given the chance to review one of these cool LED bases. Be sure to check out my article All About RipLite here.

The RipLite is a lightweight plastic LED stand for glass pipes, hookahs, bottles, ect.  The base also doubles as a protector for your glass, due to how your glass will sit on the RipLite, it adds a little lip to hold in glass. The LED lights are protected by a clear plastic cover, so there is no clanking of the glass.


The remote has a few different features, most needed, an on and off button. There is 13 different color options to choose from on the remote ranging from white, reds, blues, greens, orange, yellow, and purples.  Pressing the “Fade” button will make the LEDs slowly change colors like in the first video below. Pressing the “Jump” button will make the LEDs change colors fast. The “Minus” and “Plus” button decrease and increase the brightness of the color. Pressing the “Reset” button makes the LEDs go to the white color.

The video below shows the fade, then jump, then pressed each color button, then showed the brightness.

The RipLite remote will come with a battery already inside. You simply need 3 AAA batteries for the base.
All of the parts are covered by a 60 day warranty. There will be replacement parts available soon.
You can purchase your RipLite here for $29.99
Using code “420megan” gets you $5.00 off your order.

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