Wiz Khalifa has teamed up with Raw to bring us the ultimate paper tip, and that it is. The tips are pale brown in result of being unbleached paper and, heres a fun fact, they blended cotton into the paper just to make it more flexible and soft to the touch! With Wiz tips there is a perforated section on the right end of the tips (see photo)that makes it easier to roll with a “W” in the center, or any other desired design.



I decided to roll with the “W” for the fun of it but it actually serves a purpose. Its to get the most filtration use out of the tip. The smoke has to be filtered through the “W” before reaching your mouth, so its a bit cleaner than smoking without one. Heres what mine looked like when I was finished:


It did a great job at cleaning my smoke so I felt good about it in the end.

Overall Wiz Khalifas Paper Tips are great quality and just super fun to have! Its only available for limited time so snag them while you still can!

Stay Blazed and Wiz On!
Millie W

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