Raw Rolling Papers, around for over 10 years, the most natural rolling papers,  the company that brings you many different papers, accessories, and also a foundation,  has teamed up with Rapper/Fashion Designer Wiz Khalifa to bring you an amazing Wiz Khalifa themed smoking accessory line. This smoking line includes; papers, tips, and tray. Wiz Khalifa has been using RAW products for years, he states “It felt right to make this happen with them.”

Wiz Khalifa Tips come in;
Raw Connoisseur King Size Slim with tip.
Raw Perforated Hemp Tips

Wiz Khalifa Rolling Trays come in;
Small (11 x 7 in)
Large (14 x 11 in)



Wiz Khalifa Papers come in:
Loud Pack 1  1/4 size papers or in KING size with built in rolling tray, a packing tool, and raw tips.

For $34.99 you can buy a Wiz Sampler which includes;
Small WK Tray, 2 packs WK king size slim paper and tips, the new WK perforated tips,  and a RAW King Size Caddy for carrying papers.


You can follow Wiz Khalifa on his Website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

For more RAW products be sure to check out Rolling Paper Depot

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