RAW Brand brings you an amazing size assortment of rolling trays, grab one or collect them all.
These rolling trays come in four sizes; Extra Small (7 1/8 x 5 inches), Small (11 x 7 inches), Large (14 x 11 inches), and XXL (20 x 15 inches).
The extra small is perfect for travelling, easily fits in any backpack. The small is also great for traveling, and quick rolls.
The large one is sized to fit all sorts of smoke supplies on it, and the XXL is “rapper-large” awesome for parties, has lots of space.

RAW Rolling Trays can be purchased from RollingPaperDepot
Price ranges from $10.99 – $23.99


Extra Small




Raw has teamed up with Wiz Khalifa to bring you his personal design rolling trays.
The Wiz Khalifa trays are available in Small (11 x 7  inches) and Large (14 x 11 inches)
The Wiz Khalifa trays can be purchased here for $23.99 (small) or $29.99 (large)

Curren$y also has a rolling tray, the Raw JetLife XL Large Rolling Tray.
This tray measures at 2o  inches by 15 inches, and is perfect for any occasion.
The Curren$y tray can be purchased here for $32.99



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