What Pure Hemp Papers are all about.

Today I will be doing a review on “Pure Hemp” brand papers. The long-time contracts have allowed Pure Hemp to continue to produce consistency in their products. Pure Hemp makes sure to always check their fibers for grade and quality. Only the best fiber materials are chosen for products.

Pure Hemp brand has been around since 1879, and are made in Spain. They are slow-burning and have a Pure Hemp watermark. All-natural gum and 100% hemp.

The papers I have are the Unbleached  1 1/4 size. There is 50 papers per pack. Although the papers are thin, they are an easy roll, with no tearing or trouble. The natural gum is great, you don’t need to wet it that much. Being unbleached, there is no taste to the paper at all.

I have found that I can fit a decent amount inside these papers. There is no running when the paper burns. It hits smoothly and evenly.

Pure Hemp brand comes in the following sizes; Unbleached Single Wide, Unbleached 1 1/4, and Unbleached KingSize.


1. Made in USA
2. Unbleached
3. Burns even

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