I absolutely dread having to wrap my favorite glass pipe up before traveling with it. It looks totally suspect, and theres always a chance of breaking or cracking it. Its a good thing I have a Pretty Pouch. You heard right! Its literally a pretty pouch for your pipe! Nikki Lee of Pretty Pouches in Iowa has been supplying the cannabis community with the perfect traveling pouches for four years! Pretty pouches has been in business since 2010 and each pouch is handmade! Pretty Pouches are a perfect gift or a personal gift to your stashbox. Each pouch is lined with enough cushioning that you can just throw it in your bag and head out care free! I actually was afforded an opportunity to speak with Nikki about her pouches and how she even came up with it in the first place!

“I was tired of having to buy neutral colors! I wanted Hello Kitty and princesses and so on.  I am a female I like Girly stuff.” And the idea was genius and Nikki’s friends would soon make that very clear.
“I made a couple for myself and my friends loved them, so I made a few for them. Then I posted some on fb and people started asking about them.  Including my local smoke shops. Everything just fell into place after that.  I opened my Etsy shop and started contacting smoke shops all over the country and the reception was very warm.  And the people in the cannabis community are so amazing and easy to work with that I decided it was what I wanted to do full time.”

Amazing right? But theres more! Nikki does this mostly just for business, but there is another amazing thing that Nikki and her husband do,
“Just last month my husband and I went to Colorado and I donated 5 Pouches to every dispensary we went to. I ask the owners to please give them to patients.”

When Nikki told me this it totally warmed my heart. When I asked her if there was a specific reason they did this she replied with,
“I live in a state that does not have medical and I know so many people here that need it, including myself, and don’t get it. So I have a soft place for patients.”

The patients have a soft spot for you too Nikki and so do we!

For more information on how to get your pretty pouch you can visit her on instagram at @PrettyPouches or directly on her website  Www.etsy.com/shop/prettypouches

Stay Lifted & Pouch On my friends

Millie W

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