Pot Pockets are handmade, in Wrentham, Massachusetts by Jo-Ann Bellanti, her two friends, and her husband.

Each one is made with dedication and love in Jo-Ann’s barn, and being handmade, no two are alike.

Pot Pockets are made from local pine, birch, oak, and/or cedarwood, and each one is branded with a smiley face and the word Pot Pockets.

The word “Pot” stands for Personal Organization Tool.

Pot Pockets

The Pot Pockets Story

Pot Pockets were created many years ago when Jo-Ann’s sister was diagnosed with cancer.

Her sister was prescribed medical marijuana along with her other treatments.

She told Jo-Ann and her other siblings how she “felt like a druggie” carrying her joints around in a baggie, so her siblings made her a Pot Pocket so she wouldn’t have to carry a bag.

Although their sister is no longer with them, they thought other cancer patients could benefit from using a Pot Pocket, and a smile on their face. So Jo-Ann decided to keep making them in her sister’s memory.

Pot Pockets

Where to Buy Pot Pockets

Pot Pockets are carrying cases for medical and recreational marijuana cigarettes.

Allowing you to carry up to three rolled joints in a discreet manner.

Simply bend/pull slightly to open your Pot Pocket up.

The case is designed so you can extinguish a lit joint by simply placing it into one of the self-closing compartments.

Once you close it will extinguish due to lack of oxygen.

There are two sizes to choose from. The regular size measures 3 ½ inches by 2 inches. The large size measures 5 inches by 2 inches.

Each one fits comfortably in pockets or purses for easy access.

 Pot Pockets

Each Pot Pocket, regular or large can be purchased here for $20.00 plus shipping and handling.

Pot Pockets

Be sure to check out the Pot Pocket website for more information.

Give a “Like” to their Facebook page. for the latest Pot Pockets news, and make sure to give @potpockets.us a “Follow” on Instagram for some cool photos.

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