New Product Alert! This one is for my dabbers. Errly Birds has done it again with their new Pocket Slab BudderBlock! With all the qualities of the original budderblock but very sleek, thin and, easy  to slip in your pocket for convenient travel.


The Pocket Slab is platinum cured for top quality storage of your dank concentrates as well as being airtight and odor-proof. It also features a unique stacking mechanism like the original BudderBlocks  that will allow you to build awesome structures!

“BudderBlocks™ are made with Platinum cured medical-grade silicone. Inside the basin, you’ll find a divider so you can store multiple flavors!” -Errly Birds WebSite

Currently there is only one style and thats “Creamsicle” a beautiful blend of orange yellow, and white.

Pocket Slab BudderBlock is $20.00

To get your very own or buy one for a special dabber in your life you can find the Pocket Slab on their website:

To keep up with the Errly Bird team and get updates on special discounts, sales and giveaways follow them on Instagram at: @budderblocks

Stay Lifted and Slab On!!

Millie W

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