As we all know, storage for your glass pipes is a must. Today I would like to tell you all about Piece Keeper Bags.
The person behind Piece Keeper Bags, is Stephanie. Stephanie has been into arts and crafts for as long as she can remember. She was taught by her mom at the age of 7 to sew. In the past she has made handbags, curtains, clothing, ect.

One weekend a few months back, she was with her boyfriend when he bought some glass pieces. She watched him wrap one of his favorite pieces up in bubble wrap, and then it hit her, the idea to make a custom bag to protect her boyfriend piece during travel.
Piece Keeper Bags was born.

piece keeper bags

Piece Keeper Bags started with a kind of sleeve that is padded, and slides right over the top. More ideas for the Piece Keeper Bags came to light, like bong travel cases, with separate compartments for accessories. Those Piece Keeper Bags are made custom to fit. Other Piece Keeper Bags come in sizes small and large, and use heavy canvas for the exterior, and a paracord draw-string. These materials are high quality, stand up to daily use and are machine washable.

piece keeper bags
Small Piece Keeper Bag can be purchased here for $12.00
The pipe inside is 4″ long, fits snug.
piece keeper bags
Custom Fabric Small Piece Keeper Bag can be purchased here for $14.00

piece keeper bags
Medium Piece Keeper Bags can be purchased here for $17.00
The pipe inside is 6″ tall and 3.5″ wide, fits snug.

piece keeper bags
Custom Piece Keeper Bags for water pipes can be purchased here for $30.00
Made to order, all that is needed is a few measurements and photos.


Check back in the future for a review on Piece Keeper Bags.
Be sure to follow @piecekeeperbags on Instagram and check out the Piece Keeper Bags webstore for all their products!


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