Some of our care pack members received Piece Keeper Bags in their Valentine’s Care Pack.
There is an All About Piece Keeper Bags article here that you can read.

Here is the basic background; Piece Keeper Bags are made by one person, her name is Steph. These bags are handmade from heavy canvas, and a thick para cord for the drawstring.
Piece Keeper Bags are machine washable and durable. You can choose from Small and Medium Piece Keeper Bag designs, or request a custom fabric one. You can even order a custom pipe/bong case.
I was given some different sized Piece Keeper Bags to review, and a custom case for my PitBull pipe.

Piece Keeper Bags

These ones fit a few different pipes I have, all about 6 inches or under. Including a curved Sherlock.
I like these bags because it fits my pipes in snug, I feel comfy case, not pipe, so I know my glass is safe.
 Piece Keeper BagsPiece Keeper Bags
The drawstring allows me to close the bag completely, keeping out dust and lint.
I have already tested them thru the washer, wash cold, line dry. They came out as if I just got them all over again.

Piece Keeper Bags

This bigger one almost completely closed for my PitBull, but the size way to snug around head and tail.
So I fit a Chameleon Glass Sherlock into it, about 6 inches long.

Piece Keeper Bags

This dog house that I got is for a Pitbull Pipe from Chameleon Glass. I wanted something dog themed for this pipe, I had no idea Steph was going to go all out to make a dog house!!
Piece Keeper Bags
This dog house is big enough to fit my dog, but small enough so he fits in, standing up snug!
Piece Keeper BagsPiece Keeper Bags
Instead of a drawstring, she added a zipper to close the dog house up!
Piece Keeper Bags    Piece Keeper Bags Piece Keeper Bags


These Piece Keeper Bags are amazing! If you have a custom, large, or artsy piece that you don’t want broken, I suggest you contact Steph for measurements!
You will be supporting a small business, buying a made in USA product, and insuring the safety of your glass!!



The small Piece Keeper Bags are 3.5 inches by 6 inches and can be purchased here for $12.00.
A custom fabric small can be purchased for $14.00.

The medium Piece Keeper Bags are 5.5 inches by 10 inches and cab be purchased here for $17.00.

A custom Piece Keeper Bags for a bong can be purchased here for $30.00.




Be sure to follow @piecekeeperbags on Instagram and check out the Piece Keeper Bags webstore for all their products!


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